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The World of Weed, Five Questions With Brooke Burgstahler

The World of Weed, Five Questions With Brooke Burgstahler

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I love the idea of being many things in the art of media. As many of you know, cinema verité didn’t entirely disappear when digital took over the visual landscape. Video artists and journalism were created to infuse their images into the day-to-day world of documentary and the art of visual journalism. Edutainment, cannabis, and the host of her own work. Isn’t that what I went to Emerson College for? Certainly, it was the film side. Now, all digital. It looks like writer, producer, host, and actress Brooke Burgstahler is doing what she loves — one digital frame at a time, sixty frames per second or more. It’s fascinating stuff. 

An in-demand creator in cannabis, Brooke scours for stories and conceptualizes unique topics to explore, covering everything from pop culture to politics, history, hot new brands, celebrity interviews, and progress in social justice reform. On the acting side, Brooke’s appeared on MTV (Greatest Party Story Ever), ABC (General Hospital, Black-ish), TBS (TBS Shorts), AMC (Mad Men), the Oxygen Network (Speak For The Dead), Covergirl, and more. 

In cannabis media, she’s the creative visionary behind numerous campaigns with several premier media outlets. In 2018, Brooke was awarded a Golden Telly for her Docu-Series Prisoners of Prohibition produced for Merry Jane Media. To date, Brooke’s online content has reached millions of viewers. Brooke is also a 500 hour certified yoga instructor and holds a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism and Bachelor of Arts in Theater from The University of Miami. 

Brooke’s cannabis and wellness startup Budding Mind is designed to expand the mind and heart through the exploration of plant medicine, alternative healing, science, and spirituality. The multi-channel online platform features podcasts, video, long-form education content, and e-commerce for Brooke’s favorite products and brands. 

Photo: Emily Eizen

This is a talented person who works in weed and film. How things have changed since I graduated from college with a film degree in 1985. 

She’s brilliant! 

Cheers! WB 

Please tell me about yourself, what do you do for work? Where are you from? Live now? What did you want to be when you grew up?  

I’m a multi-hyphenate millennial, an actress, comedian, cannabis content creator, and journalist. I’ve got a daily cannabis news show, World of Weed News. A cannabis and wellness platform called Budding Mind, which also has its own podcast (on Spotify + iTunes)! And I’m always working on other adorable projects to keep me in the creative spirit.

Many moons ago, I was born in Buffalo, New York. I moved around a bit growing up, peppering the lands of America, only to wind up in sunny Los Angeles, California. When I first moved to LA, never did I think I’d one day be making cannabis content — but now, it totally makes sense. The merging of my two favorite things (weed + film)!                                                

What are you working on right now? Do you have a six and twelve-month goal? What makes your company different from its peers?

I’m working on finding the right flow with my podcast Budding Mind. I really do commend all the podcasters out there. There’s a lot more work that goes into creating a dope show than people realize! My goal for next year is to align with the perfect sponsor to really blast my podcast into the universe! So if anyone’s interested, holla at your girl. 

What obstacles stand in your way currently, how do you anticipate removing them? Do you have a mentor or teacher who is valuable in your path? 

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Being in pursuit of a creative path, particularly one centered around a somewhat illegal plant, is, of course, going to come with bumps on the road. But life is all about embracing and working through challenges to grow as a human being. Cannabis is my greatest teacher through it all, whether dropping me into a beautiful state of mind or bringing up gunk for me to sort through softly — this little leaf is truly a guide for me, and I love her so. 

Indoor or outdoor-grown cannabis? Favorite strain right now? When you enjoy cannabis, do you have a favorite food that you prepare? What about your favorite restaurant? 

I need my sun-grown, organic flower. I love Lakegrade! They grow with heart and soul; you can taste it. I like to unwind at the end of the day (or the middle) with a home-rolled spliff, make veggie tacos and snuggle my dog, Sunny. Or I love a 5mg edible for a weekend daytime jaunt on a hike or to a market. Whatever it is, I’m a go low and go slow kind of gal — she’s delicate. 

What is your passion? 

I have many purposes and many passions. There was a time in my life where I feared I had to find the ONE thing I love, but the reality is that I love many things. I love making people laugh — telling jokes, making weird videos, or just being weird with my friends. I love evolving my consciousness through yoga, meditation, and plant medicines. I love creating and expressing myself by making videos or content for my IG and showing off my acting chops. I’m grateful to be dabbling in all of these things and more while trying not to spread myself too thin. 


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