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Ten Years of Excellence at Grenco Science – Part 3: SKUNK’s Julie Chiariello interviews Berner

Ten Years of Excellence at Grenco Science – Part 3: SKUNK’s Julie Chiariello interviews Berner

marijuana interviews Berner

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Snoop. Wiz. Berner. B-Real. In addition to being global icons and leaders of industry at the pinnacle of their careers in entertainment, arts, and technology, these four magnates have proven to be bonafide visionaries, harnessing their star power to illuminate and usher in a new standard in cannabis consumption. Each of these gentlemen has become a household name and has built award-winning brands with the core belief in the power of the plant and the healing and empowerment of humanity with the end of cannabis prohibition.

Additionally, each of these megastars has partnered with one company in their quest to advance the industry – Grenco Science Holistic. For the last part of this series, I had the opportunity to connect with Berner about this important milestone for Grenco Science.

Julie Chiariello: When do you first recall seeing or trying a G Pen?

Berner: I first used a G Pen back in 2014 when the team worked with Taylor Gang.

JC: I Would love to hear a story or memory about the G Pen Cookies lineup. What is your favorite device?

B: Dash, I’d say, is the device I use most as I prefer to smoke flower.

JC: Name a time or tell us a time when G Pen came in handy for you.

B: On tour

JC: Who have you gifted or shared Cookies G pen with that was most surprising, or who has become a mutual fan?

B: I gifted Wiz his first Stündenglass. You could say it was a magical moment for him and the team.

JC: Did G Pen ever inspire any of your other projects?

B: I rap about G Pen on tracks Top Down and Noid.

JC: What does G Pen mean to you now after being partners for X years?

B: I know they hustle. Chris is like me in the sense that he had a vision, and he’s forged forward, building good relationships and products for our market.

marijuana interviews Chris Folkers and Berner
Chris Folkers and Berner. Photo Credit: Grenco Science

JC: You have been and continue to be a big part of the destigmatization of cannabis. What advice can you give to those wanting to learn from you regarding ongoing success in the Cannabis space?

B: You must be focused and build the right team to support that focus and vision. This is the time to cement the foundation of this industry, and we need builders and visionaries, not people out for a quick buck. The reason we have this opportunity is, in part, due to people who believed in the power of the plant when it wasn’t safe to. Who believed in the plant as medicine. We are only getting started, and there’s room for so much more.

JC: Tell us about Cookies and your plans for the future.

B: Opening dispensaries in Thailand and Miami this year, followed by a Cookies clothing store with a lounge and even a “Cookies University” in Manhattan. I hope to transform the New York location into a licensed dispensary.

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JC: What do you hope for the Cannabis industry in 5 years, in 10 years?

B: National legalization. Legalization globally. As a start, Congress, can you hear me?

JC: What would you like to be remembered for, your legacy?

B: I know the power of good weed and the power of a single word—Cookies. I’m a Latino kid who has been selling weed since I was 12. It’s working. We’ve created the biggest weed brand in the world.

JC: What are you most excited about right now?

B: Our global expansion. Sharing Cookies with the world.

JC: Let’s also talk about Forbes. That was monumental, and we are thrilled for you and everything you’ve built. We saw your post about seeing it at the airport. You are bringing this industry into the light. How does it feel to be the first cannabis entrepreneur on the cover of Forbes?

B: This is a major moment for our industry and what we’ve built with Cookies. This has been marked in history. I can die saying I helped kick the doors down.

Follow Grenco Science online: Premium Vape Pens and Portable Vaporizers | G Pen

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