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Ten Years of Excellence at Grenco Science – Part 2: SKUNK’s Julie Chiariello interviews B-Real

Ten Years of Excellence at Grenco Science – Part 2: SKUNK’s Julie Chiariello interviews B-Real


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We feel supremely blessed and honored to have the incredible B-Real gives us a moment of his time to celebrate Grenco Science and the Dr. Greenthumb relationship. B-Real is an absolute legend who has activated millions to become more conscious about cannabis globally. It’s amazing how many growers tell me they got into growing because of the Dr. Greenthumb song and Cypress Hills’ outstanding legacy of music. I’ll never forget bumping that base in a lowrider down Main St in the 90s when Black Sunday first came out! Thank you for all you have done for humanity and cannabis. We appreciate you immensely.

Julie Chiariello: When do you first recall seeing or trying a G Pen?

B-Real: This goes back to a High Time Cannabis Cup event; I saw Snoop was first promoting it and pushing on this brand.

JC: Would love to hear a story or memory about the G Pen DGT lineup. What is your favorite device?

BR: Favorite device is the Connect, DGT and GPen and Stundenglass; the Connect goes with that, so it makes it very efficient to use. We use the Connect with Stundenglass every day on the Dr. Greenthumb’s Show, the show we do a 30-minute no-expletive challenge, no cursing; whoever curses has to do five flips from the Stundenglass; for that, we use concentrates, so we use the G-Pen Connect.

Photo Credit: Grenco Science

JC: Name a time or tell us a time when G Pen came in handy for you.

BR: GPEN comes in handy EVERY DAMN DAY!!!

JC: Who have you gifted or shared DGT G pen with that was most surprising, or who has become a mutual fan?

BR: This is a hard question because most of the people we get down with are fans of GPen, and are using G Pen; so, when they saw and used the Stundnglass with the Connect, these stoner guys were psyched. All of them were very excited, not one name. However, Shavo was very stoked!

JC: What does G Pen mean to you ten years later?

BR: 10 years later and G Pen is still advancing. As the company evolves, they are constantly working on new products with better technology, they are constantly doing, and these new products are awesome! We use them all every day in relation to the Dr. Greenthumb’s Show! I think they are doing great, and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

JC: Tell us about DGT and your plans for the future.

BR: Dr. Greenthumb’s is in the process of continual expansion in our retail stores and products with our Insane Cannabis line, looking at product collaborations and knocking out more things that are impactful on the folks who are our fans and consumers.

JC: What do you hope for the Cannabis industry in 5 years, in 10 years?

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BR: It’s simple, fair taxation.

Feature Photo Credit: Grenco Science

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