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Glass House Farms: Potent Cannabis for the Intellectual Afficianado

Glass House Farms: Potent Cannabis for the Intellectual Afficianado

Photo: Jessie Brady

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Glass House Farms produces consistent, potent, and blissfully tasty cannabis for the intellectual aficionado. 

I recently attended the Hall of Flowers in Palm Springs, California. One of the brands that I came across was Glass House Farms. With COVID raging around the cannabis world, the last thing I want to be doing is sharing joints with people, even my friends. I know that this is part of our culture, but I just haven’t been sharing anything as of late. So, I’ve moved my focus from covering cannagars to the genre of mini-joints. But not just any mini-joints, as the market has become quite saturated with these tiny mock-ups of their larger brethren. I’m seeking the most potent versions. The ones that get me really stoned, and therefore able to write my heart out. 

Glass House Farms represents what I anticipate will be a very popular derivative of the famed one-gram “pre-roll” joint. Even as a life-long smoker, I just cannot finish an entire one-gram joint myself. One gram may seem easy to smoke for some, but for me, I’m still after almost fifty years of smoking weed, a lightweight in this regard. Sure, I can smoke the high-end, high test, and that’s what I seek. But for real satisfaction, I’m looking for the adjuncts packed flower. That is, mini-joints that are chock full of other things, like live resin and diamonds. Diamonds? Like rocks? No, not like those sparkly things, but these certainly have a shimmer to them. Like diamonds. 

As a matter of speaking, Diamonds represent the definitive version of ultra-gourmet quality in concentrates. What are these concentrates? Extractions of cannabis that take the experience and multiply it by several thousand to a place of deep introspection.

Thus, my quandary. Sitting in front of me is a selection of Glass House Farms mini-pre-roll joints. They should be the perfect size, about half a gram. Just enough to get me blissfully stoned. But guess what? They could be half that size, and I’d feel that the experience at the halfway point is just perfect. 

All it takes for me to really have an enjoyable experience is about a quarter of a gram. 

To some, this is just one hit from their Chill Bong. But to me, smoking only what I want, well, that’s the entire experience. A win/win, so to speak. It’s my pleasure to say this because it is true. Smoking cannabis as delicious as Glass House Farms expands my mind and helps me find the words to create such a memory. 

Glass House Farms, growing in a greenhouse in California, adding the F/ELD adjuncts, twisting up these mini-joints, adds just the right amount of mystery. 

That experience is what I seek. 

Tasting notes:

Sugar Tarts: Indica Dominant:

Nose: Crushed Pine Needles and Butterscotch pudding

Palate: Creamy and pertinent

Stone: Swift delight leading into a yawning rest 

Vacay Mode: Indica Dominant-Live Resin and Diamond infused from F/ELD 

Nose: Chocolate Brownie and Crushed Sea Salt Slicked Shells

Palate: Freshly cut French Herbs and snippets of Tarragon

Stone: That couch looks very inviting right about now. 

Sugarwalker: Hybrid-Live Resin and Diamond Infused from F/ELD 

Nose: Stir-Fry: Scallion, Sesame, Ginger, Garlic, Soy

Palate: Tense and Vibrant 

Stone: Speckled Contemplations digging into a Favorite Grateful Dead Show from 1972 

The Tropics: Indica Dominant-Live Resin and Diamond Infused from F/ELD  

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Nose: California Fruit Cup and Spice Box leading into hand-burnished cedar paneling  

Palate: A field of French Lavender and a picnic basket  

Stone: Conversant, relaxing, and liquescent

Graham Farrar, President & Chief Cannabis Officer, Glass House Farms, gave me some views of his creative process: 

WB: How do you choose your strains/augmentations?

Graham Farrar: Strains are chosen based on flavor first and potency second from the flower side. Flavors that pair well are the primary driver for infused strain choice.

WB: Do you have a team sesh to find the best ones?

Graham Farrar: Yes, we do a team sesh to decide which pairings are best. It happens for each batch, coupled with our trial and review framework. We only put things on the market that we will smoke ourselves.

WB: Do you change varieties with seasonality in mind? 

Graham Farrar: Absolutely, what is great to smoke in the summer isn’t necessarily what you want when the sun goes down early in the winter. At this moment, for example, Dirty Cake is pretty awesome for these shorter, darker, colder winter days.

Cool. Thank you. WB

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