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El Blunto Cannagars: Mohave Reserve Diamond Infused

El Blunto Cannagars: Mohave Reserve Diamond Infused

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I’ve smoked some really fine cannagars recently. They are far more intriguing than your typical pre-rolled joint and not just because they are bigger. Plus, your cannagar is more than just a cannabis leaf or hemp leaf shell stuffed with cannabis, anyone can do that. There is great finesse in the art of a cannagar and most of the cannagars that I’ve been savoring as of late have been veritable works of smokable art.

First, what goes into a cannagar?  Some cannagars are, as I mentioned above, a shell stuffed with high-end flower and nothing else. These cannagars do not contain rosin or kief or hash, or anything but high end flower. As much as I enjoy smoking these versions, they don’t offer the added excitement that I’m seeking. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and I could name more than a few that are made with the finest flowers and nothing more. The secret to these kinds of cannagars is usually proprietary in nature, but I will tell you that aging the cannagars has much to do with it. There are many ways to produce a cannagar, adding high potency adjuncts makes a thrill ride into something that far exceeds your expectations!

One of the most intriguing versions of the cannagar is the variety that includes concentrates. After all, when I’m spending several dozens of dollars on a cannagar, I want to be wowed in flavor and especially in effect.  I want to get stoned. The Mohave Reserve from El Blunto is that hand-held work of art that you seek. It’s got diamonds inside. Diamonds are a concentrate of cannabis, not the kind that are mined, but the kind that are extracted into shapes that resemble diamonds. They are ultra-potent, and they really get the job done even after only a couple puffs. The El Blunto is your go/to if you like the experience to be memorable…

The Albert Einstone/El Blunto Mohave Reserve Cannagar is a thing of rare beauty that get’s me really blasted. And that’s what I want when I smoke a multi-hour experience, a cannagar.

I want one that blows me away with aromatics and gets me crazy stoned at the same time.

The Mohave version really takes me there quickly and with verve.


Deeply colored hemp wrapper that resembles a tobacco wrapper in color, but the smoke is much less acerbic on the throat. Dark in color, just not dark in roughness against your throat.

The concentrates are carefully added to the top shelf flower, in this case Kush Cake, a lovely Indica dominant strain that relaxes the body while adding clarity and dexterity to my mind.

The addition of the diamonds turns wow into WOW.

Established before it was legal.

I think the cigar band says it all.

Finished with a carefully covered glass tip, each puff is smooth and elegant.

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The look of this cannagar is pure luxury, resembling a carefully hand rolled cigar, but much more polished than that.

Tasting Notes:

Dark Chocolate on the palate gives way to tangles of crushed minerals and stone fruits. Whisps of gas, specifically kerosene offers depth and balance across the tongue. Pine needles and pine sap enter the space, evaporating swiftly down your throat into your lungs.


Richly textured with notes of Pacific Rim spices, cardamom, clove and delicate notes of eucalyptus enrobed in toasted brioche bread slathered in brown butter. The rough hemp wrapper offers further notes that resemble a roughly textured, not polished tobacco leaf, without the pesky nicotine…


This stuff really does the trick of relaxing my brain, but the best part is the deep enlightenment after each puff.  Brilliant stuff that tastes great!


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