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Dragons Flame Genetics X Matchmaker Genetics Collaboration: Mini-Interviews

Dragons Flame Genetics X Matchmaker Genetics Collaboration: Mini-Interviews

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I wanted to sit down late at night on mushrooms here and sorta gonzo out from multiple angles an interview regarding a collaboration project that I got lots of Artistic respect for as a fellow Breeder.

In the world of legit collaborations, this is one here that has been years in the works and was dropped on 10/31/23, only a few weeks back now.

So, I will just stream of consciousness jump right into it…

I have followed both these Breeders for many years now. These are guys that nobody can say their words better than them so I will be including some of their words in the article here below:

As a Breeder, nobody should know your Art better than the Artist themselves humbly. Both these dudes and I come from the old school days of growing bud when you had to risk your life and family to do it in garages filled with lights & guns. So respectfully these are men who made it and are still in the Culture to this day relevant.

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I first met Andrew of Matchmaker Genetics and got to talk shop for the first time with him back in February 2023 this year in Honolulu at the Hawaii Cannabis Expo both days. I was super impressed with his outdoor breeding style, fire ass looking well organized booth and his knowledge of mold resistance & drought tolerance in his work. Andrew has been smoking the fire 30 years, growing his own medicine 2/3 of that time and breeding his own seeds a1/3 of them 30 years born out of necessity. He moved from NorCal to Hawaii in 2014 so it forced him to switch up his outdoor style. Match’s work was legit born out of taking NorCal genetics to Hawaii and perfecting them outdoors into a stable new age. His #1 goal is humid environment friendly plants with great flavor and bang. Cheddar Koi is a flagship of his another is Better Than Bacon and all his Skunkdog bx work is what I personally run in some of our gardens. They wrapping up testing the Better Than Bacon line now so look for more collabs with DFG inside of these new Matchmaker BTB line work coming hella soon.

Andrew said:

“It’s an honor to work with my friend Jeff on these collabs! He’s a good guy and an awesome breeder! We both gear our work towards outdoor growers, and I know folks are getting excited for these drops! The full Skunkdog BX1 lineup was extremely mold resistant and these collabs with the Triangle Skunk have high potential to be the same. Jeff hit some of his personal breeder cuts and a handful of older elites too! Lots of potential here…. Stay tuned for more DFG x MMG collabs!”

Matchmaker Genetics will be in Hawaii with a booth for the 2024 Hawaii Cannabis Expo once again in February, so I look forward to personally seeing him again this coming Feb talking shop on the Pro Circuit.

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On the other side of the collab is the lead on the collaboration Jeff from Dragons Flame Genetics outta Oregon. I have known DFG through the industry for many years like back in the 2010 Denver Medical Boom ICMAG days even, so I know for a fact this dude been smoking growing bud 20+ years and breeding 15 of those since around 2009. This is a dude that was growing hella weight and garages full of fire under lights in the 2000s in Calaveras County Cali. Around 2009 he moved to Oregon and started doing OMMP medical gardens full term outdoor/greenhouse while maintaining 40 lights indoor simultaneously. Out of all of them, years of work and selections over time he started breeding around 2010 due to the Oregon climate differential vs Gold County climate in Cali and dropped DFG in 2013. Also, I may add he was in Hawaii growing 2020-2022 then moving back to Oregon. So, when I say this is a fire ass West Coast/Hawaiian collab for top notch outdoor gear please believe it has been years in the works. Flagship by Dragon are Dragons Stash, Blackberry Moonshine and Orange Dreams which is a strong medicinal plant. He will be continuing into the Modified Moonshine family work genetically and throwing down some more future collabs.

cannabis world news interviews giant cannabis plant with grower dwarfed by its size

Jeff had to say regarding this collab:

“This collab between DFG & MMG is one born out of passion and Hawaiian love. I met MMG while living on the Big Island we bonded over a shared passion for cannabis, both having understood California growing and the challenges growing outdoor in Hawaii as a newcomer on an island. The Puna side of Hawaii is tough to grow with humidity and intense rainfall it is a total recipe for mold & mildew that will cripple most strains. Both of our work focuses on improving lines for outdoor production in tough climate, while not sacrificing for quality. Over the years the years we were able to smoke out and compare lines exchanging seeds and cuts the whole time always with the vision someday of putting it all together.

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I ended up going through some seeds of Matchmaker’s Triangle Skunk and made a male selection. The Triangle Skunk is Triangle Kush X Maui Skunkdog BX1.

Triangle Skunk Shine and the Maui Mac Dragon have been the first two from this collab to make it through all test phases. The TSS is that Triangle Skunk male to my Blackberry Moonshine Bx1 Breeder cut which had already earned her place as a winner in many killer lines. The Triangle Skunk Shine shows lots of skunky tangerine fuel profiles on high quality green buds, not the IG showstopper but the quality is truly top shelf smoke. The Maui Mac Dragon is Cherry Pie x Mac dragon x Triangle Skunk as it shows some high class skunky cherry funky terps with many phenos getting the IG model colors. Quality terps with modern bag appeal are in high demand these days. We have quite a few more strains/lines still in testing current and Matchmaker has done some male selections too on his end using the pollen on my Breeder cuts. So, there is lots more to come down the line.”

cannabis world news interviews green buds

Justin here again in conclusion:
So, there you guys go, head out and go tap in with this collaboration project asap by some real OG Breeders in the game and go support the sincere Canna Geneticists Legends of the world.

I been telling these NorCal outdoor Growers the past 3 years and really the whole U.S that with the weather is changing zones & micro shifts are happening season by season. So outdoor Growers nationwide can start looking at the Hawaiian Breeders & their volumes of outdoor genetic work a bit more now as an outdoor base for what works vs extreme situational.

When it really comes down to zones shifting and climates changing worldwide it is my opinion of course but lots of current Hawaiian influenced outdoor projects are tried and true ahead of the game rocking out.

Much love to all and thanks for the opportunity to write on this. Go peep game online info for both Breeders below much love.

Justin Lehmann
“The King of Midwest Cannabis”

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