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Digging Deeper: Five Questions With Daniel Firtel of TRP

Digging Deeper: Five Questions With Daniel Firtel of TRP

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Cookies. When I hear the name, I think of the founder of the world-renowned brand, Berner. But hold on a skinny minute, he is the person we think of when cannabis and Cookies are in the
same sentence. TRP is the backbone of Cookies. They open the dispensaries for Cookies around the world, coordinating the back-office and the front of the house for this celebrated brand. TRP is “purpose” built and that path allows the company to move forward into uncharted territory, one dispensary at a time, globally and seamlessly. Look to the expansion of the historic Cookies in Florida for more inspiration. Now, without further adieux, may I please introduce Daniel Firtel, President of TRP and director
for Cookies, Florida.

Warren Bobrow:  Please tell me about TRP. What does this represent? Where is the headquarters? What states are represented?

Daniel Firtel: We started out in 2019, with a plan to open dispensaries that were branded Cookies across the country. I’ve always loved cannabis, but as we got deeper into the industry, we realized how much more of an opportunity there was than what we saw when we first started.

Now TRP is a retail, cultivation, and distribution platform that our team purpose-built to navigate the challenges of regulated cannabis. We have been the engine behind the successful rollout of Cookies dispensaries in 8 states (CA, NV, OR, WA, OK, CO, FL, MA), and now TRP is the largest owner and operator of Cookies dispensaries. And we are the exclusive partner for Cookies and Dr. Greenthumb’s to enter new markets.

Looking back, we have seen this legal side of the industry go in phases. Although now the industry is in the consolidation phase, for the past few years TRP has focused on expanding into untapped markets, providing new access points for our brand partners to succeed. Certain markets, be it a city or whole state, are very concentrated with cannabis businesses. Our process has evolved over time, but TRP sees an opportunity in expanding in states where there is a strong, unmet demand looking for high quality cannabis to the greatest number of patients or customers.

Technically, TRP stands for Tradition, Responsibility and Progress. These are the three principles that we use to guide the company. This industry is built on the tradition of the people that established it before it was regulated so we felt that it’s our responsibility to grow and scale our brand partners the right way. By hiring a diverse group of professionals and giving back opportunities to those OG’s that have helped build this industry – it’s all about progressing this industry to the next level but with respect to the culture.

Warren Bobrow:  What products are in play here? Where are they grown? Any outdoor? Organic? Biodynamic?

Daniel Firtel: Our brand partner Cookies has carved out their own niche and, in the process, arguably built a blueprint for branded cannabis strains.
B-Real and Kenji also built remarkable brands in both Insane and Dr. Greenthumb’s. On Insane, Kenji does his thing, and they have genetics they’ve been working with for a long time and obviously they have access to the best stuff coming up now and add to their library.
Beyond that, I’m really excited about some of the other brands we are bringing to the table and what they stand for. Like Kingston and Felix from Gas House, we dropped their Pluto OG as one of the first special drops at Cookies Miami. Aside from the flower coming out incredible, it was really cool to see the reaction from people and how excited they were to see the Gas House guys land their brand in such a restricted market like Florida.

Warren Bobrow:  What obstacles do you face? How do you anticipate removing them? What are your six and twelve-month goals?

Daniel Firtel: The breadth of opportunity is large in new markets where TRP can scale properly after witnessing learnings from other states’ growing pains and operational challenges. In Florida, for instance, all cannabis businesses must be vertically integrated – which other states don’t have – making it both a challenge and opportunity. For TRP, it gives us the best opportunity to deliver exceptionally high-quality products, because there is no outside distribution, outside packaging, or different wholesale.
We have a team that is hyper diligent and can adapt and adjust to make things happen based on the rules and guidelines for each market. That’s what makes us unique. We have the ability to execute the same job 12 different ways for 12 different states with the goal to provide fresh products throughout the entire supply chain at all price tiers.

Warren Bobrow:  Do you have a mentor in cannabis? Who? When did you discover the plant? Do you remember who you were with?

Daniel Firtel: Discovered the plant when I was 15 but was aware of weed since I was 6 just from older siblings. I recognized the smell of it and knew what it was but didn’t smoke until I was 15. Nothing crazy, just smoked out of a wooden pipe with a bunch of high school friends, but we had chronic! Green bud was proud of that, ha-ha.

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Warren Bobrow:  What is your passion?

Daniel Firtel: So, I’m recently married and have a beautiful baby daughter, so my wife and daughter obviously come before anything, the rest of my family and especially my older sister are a huge part of my life and what drives me. Beyond family, I would say passion is honestly just making shit happen. I know that sounds weird, but I love thinking of an idea and seeing it come to life. That applies to starting a business, or trying to land a deal, and much more. Thinking of something and seeing it happen is a pretty powerful and underrated experience. For example, the first time our company pulled a harvest was a huge milestone for me.

Feature Photo Courtesy: TRP 

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