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The Smoke Currency Tour Lit Up New Mexico with SeedCrest!

The Smoke Currency Tour Lit Up New Mexico with SeedCrest!

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It was an experience I will never forget with Thunder Walker. 

Albuquerque, New Mexico—12/29/23 

As we sail into 2024 with our favorite cannabis products and people by our side, let us reflect on the Smoke Currency Tour in New Mexico together. 

What is the Smoke Currency Tour? It’s a movement for transparency, inclusivity, and all-around good vibes in America’s buzzing cannabis ecosystem. In a nutshell, Thunder Walker (from the Thunder Walker Experience, a national cannabis spokesperson) travels from state to state, bringing key players together to share cannabis education and small business ideas. 

As an established entrepreneur in cannabis workforce staffing and education, I was fortunate enough to have wrapped up my year with an unforgettable time as a Smoke Currency Tour participant. It all started when my energetic buddy Steve Farmer, owner of La Casa Verde in Tucumcari, called. He was eager to make SeedCrest the tour’s welcoming committee in Albuquerque. I jumped on board, especially after following Thunder and the tour’s social media escapades across Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, and Oklahoma.  Of course, we wanted in. Are you kidding?! We are now a part of those who did it, and we’d do it again! (you better have noticed that!)

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The cherry on top was that yours truly became a Sponsor through SeedCrest, Inc., and a Viper on tour – and you can join the excitement, too! A Viper is a community spokesperson, while a Docent is more of a tour and sponsorship coordinator. In the next round, ask how to apply.  Who knows, you might end up crafting mind-blowing experiences or mingling with cannabis enthusiasts just as I did! 

In New Mexico, Thunder and The Crew, Docents, Candy Flores (an Author of Courage in Cannabis), and Steve Farmer curated the squad for a memorable tour broadcasted on social media. Bryan Blondeau, DeeAnna Henson, Jessica Shutiva, and Lesa Evans were also part of The Crew, making all the behind-the-scenes stuff come together for Thunder.

For me, the tour’s climax was on December 12th in Albuquerque. Thunder swung by the SeedCrest, Inc. offices to network with some of our most prestigious 5-star alumni, fantastic staff, and licensed business partners. She also interviewed me about SeedCrest and how we help people to get into the industry. Click here to view the interview on YouTube! 

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We then headed to the next hotspot, the Herban Oasis O Lounge, where we participated in the legendary Weed Moms event. Weed Moms highlights essential women who are shaping the community with their work.  Congratulations to fellow award recipient Gabi Tuschak from Glen Rio Smoke Stop! Gabi and I were honored for our outstanding work in the cannabis industry.

Through this experience, I was able to showcase SeedCrest to potential partners nationwide. The ROI has been incredible, and invaluable relationships have been forged for future work. I especially enjoyed that one of our 5 STAR Alumni, Tiffany Hamilton, licensed owner with SpliffQuick, was interviewed by Thunder at the 1706 Dispensary.  Seeing that kind of growth in Tiffany over the past 2-3 years validates that our SeedCrest courses and small business programs are making a difference to up-and-coming entrepreneurs in our community. As a Latina LGBTQIA – Woman Owned business owner, I could not be more proud to be part of Tiffany’s and over 15,000 people’s success stories in cannabis work in New Mexico. 

Stay tuned for more wild Smoke Currency Tour escapades in 2024 because word on the street is that Thunder and the crew are returning to New Mexico and will be interviewing more community leaders and stakeholders interested in being part of the national “green thread.” If that’s you, tap in, don’t be shy! 

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Until then, have a happy New Year, and remember to break the stigma of cannabis through education with SeedCrest! Your energy toward this movement for the cannabis industry is crucial. #CannabisJobs #5STARAlumni Follow and like @seedcrestedu

Learn more about SeedCrest’s national expansion story here.

Getting involved in New Mexico or your state as a Sponsor, Docent, and Viper is accessible; just email 

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