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Please Support Cannabis Movement Pioneer Pebbles Trippet in This Time of Need

Please Support Cannabis Movement Pioneer Pebbles Trippet in This Time of Need


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How do you begin to describe the perfect piece of cake? Or the most luxurious beach vacation? Or the sensation of wearing one of those Old Hollywood fur-trimmPebbles Trippet, a California-based writer, and activist. Pebbles is a Co-founder of Medical Marijuana Patients Union, 2000; Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board, 2006;  and Contributing Editor and Tokin’ Female Columnist here at SKUNK Magazine. Pebbles is a fixture in the West Coast legalization movement and has been a longtime advocate for medical marijuana. But now she is in need of your assistance. You can show your support for Pebbles and all she has done for the cannabis community by giving through this link:

As of today, Pebbles is safe but in a temporary living situation & has a loving local community rallying around her. Her home is uninhabitable. Her health has deteriorated. One emergency after another has drained her savings. As a radical spirit, as independent as they come, residing off-grid for decades, she is now in need of assistance. Her property is in the process of being sold. Low-income senior benefits are being secured. But in the meantime, she needs funds for incidentals that are essential to remaining as independent as possible, like a cell phone & transportation. Possibly even an automobile or an uber account. Pebbles will soon also have her own Patreon account, an online forum where folks can subscribe to support her while she shares her archives & future thoughts. While all of the above gets sorted out & set up, a GoFundMe has been established by those in her community for cannabis enthusiasts to show immediate support. Pebbles has dedicated her life and financial resources to helping others. In this spirit, her community has dedicated time and resources of their own to helping a woman who has so little, yet deserves so much as a treasured elder of the cannabis community. We are asking you to join us wholeheartedly in donating what you have to offer. Please help us help Pebbles.

Pebbles Trippet

A bit more of herstory in Pebbles’ own words:

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What I did was endure the consequences of my civil disobedience, rather than take an easy plea for felony transportation & get it over with squandering my opportunity, & eventually getting somewhere worth the effort, proving others could do the same. By losing at the trial court level, I actually gained: 1) the right to transport medicine you can legally possess, which became the 5th right in Prop 215 (left out of the original initiative). 2) the quantity standard which is the amount “reasonably related” to your medical condition, now known as the Trippet standard. The Court replaced the 6 plant limit numbers game with a legal standard that patients were entitled to based on voter intent. In 2010, People v Kelly involved an AIDS patient prosecuted & convicted of growing 8 plants instead of 6, to which the CA Supreme Court replied: ‘That’s not what the voters intended.’ Since I based my case on constitutional rights, the Court took it more seriously & commented, ‘This is one of those rare times when both defense and prosecution agree,’ affirming the Trippet standard in Kelly in 2010. Let this be a long-view lesson. This process took 20 years (1990-2010) including appeals – with 10 prosecutions in 5 counties in 11 years. I prolonged my low-income status as long as I could until I finally concluded with deteriorating health, that selling the land was the best option for maintaining my independence & using some of the $ to collaborate with viable community projects for the greater good. Most people don’t know I worked hard for these results, without regrets. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t have to but I know my limits and I’ve reached them.

Again, you can show your support for Pebbles and all she has done for the cannabis community by giving through this link:

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