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Verzace Bloodbath

Verzace Bloodbath

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Strain Name: Verzace Bloodbath
Breeder (if it’s not you): PSGX.WORLD
Height: Tall/Will Stretch
Weight (yield):  Excellent weight
Flowering time in days: 60-70 dAYS
Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: New Age Exotica Hybrid
Taste (burned and unburned): Tart, dirty fruit, funk
Scent (burned/unburned): Stank breath, Pina Colada, lemon, skunk
What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: Dark purple, red & orange hairs, sugar
Speed of high onset: An Efficient quick onset
Duration of high: Extended release
Quality/type of high: Heavy, deadening, hypnotic, laid out
Medicinal qualities: Good all-day bud for heavy heads

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Verzace Bloodbath by PSGXWORLD is the beautifully arranged marriage F¹ cross of Lemon Verzace X Blood Bath available in our PSGX Murder, She Wrote fem line.

All glory to the plant.
And all glory to the Most High & most low.

Originally, I hunted the Lemon Verzace from an old Shiloh Massive Dying Breed pack of seeds to find a keeper to use. I wanted to pay tribute to a Breeder who inspired me many years ago when I was living in Los Angeles with this cross here. The Blood Bath, of course, we hunted her in Illinois from seed and selected her out of 80 female plants to use. She is a freak of nature and known as “The Murder Cut.” Those guys at LIT FARMS do some amazing work, and Blood Bath is immortal now. Everything the Murder Cut touches, she adds a crazy exotica bouquet of coloration plus that new-age cinnamon gun powder cure coming from the Red Velvet in the lineage.

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We weren’t anticipating the instant bombshell results we got back from the Tester rounds with this heavy-head squish lover of a plant!!! She was the sleeper strain out of the 12 strain drop, imo, nine months later! Super high soaring THC levels, strong indoor & outdoor qualities, and just a simple rewarding strain to grow with an extremely high upside. Reeking of lemon, fruit, and tart flowers with under-hints of pina colada funk with a hardcore stone to it Verzace Bloodbath is sure to leave pure horror show when your buddies come to smoke out, they will be impressed with the power… Indoor and Sun G.

Shout out, Shiloh Massive; he actually named this strain before I named & dropped it, I asked him for a name. Much love and thanks inspiration are important in this New Age.

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Photos courtesy of Patrick Wilson KCMO 

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