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Ultimate Illinois Outdoor Strains

Ultimate Illinois Outdoor Strains

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U-iOS stands for Ultimate Illinois Outdoor Strains and is a Fast/Photo Unification Collaboration feminized line.

Coming together is PSGX.WORLD/Prairie State Genetix and longtime friend fellow Illinois Breeder/Farmer Kevin Blomberg of G.O.A.T GENETICS to create one of the most efficient Midwest Outdoor lines to date.

G.O.A.T is a Northern Illinois boy through & through I followed his documented Illini collegiate CBD/Hempin N. I work & studies for the past 12 years. He went full-on THC Breeding in 2020, and with Illinois going REC, he was able to pop out a bit more since. I consider him a dear friend and a very important Midwest Cannabis Breeder within the Culture currently. Every year he has a G.O.A.T CUP in Illinois that is super cool for Illinois Growers up north.

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The U-iOS collaboration has a zone 5a-6b emphasis on its outdoor cannabis genetic-focused lineages. We took 4 of my PSGX Breeder selections that were very popular in 2020-2022 outdoors across the Midwest:

Mag Landrace #76 that I hunted from 300 S¹ seeds given to me by Ataraxia workers in 2019-2020 to save the Mag for the Midwest.

405&SUNSET from the Ken Estes X PSGX 2022 collab The Path of The Purp.

Wisdom Keeper PSGXJ Selection.

and the Pre2014 Cocoa OG that I hunted from old stock Ken Estes Grand Daddy Purp himself gave me to hunt.

I gave all those cuts to Kevin a year ago, and he worked them quite impressively inside & out, deciding to hit them with his beautiful paint it purple MIDNIGHT fast photo select pollen. Fast/Photo Select pollen, meaning we know his stored pollen well and the capabilities of its performance.

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By essentially taking some of the best proven PSGX outdoor cuts and shortening them up, adding hella color, as well as breeding in sungrown resistances to each target. Expect these U-iOS feminized seeds to perform excellent outdoors and be finished WAY BEFORE you gotta start worrying about lots of other outdoor variable interference. They will be super fun indoors; also, I recommend running them outside and studying this cutting-edge work genetically. Kevin is also very knowledgeable on this line and can answer all questions from his collaboration end.

Illinois is a HUGE prairie state full of amazing Farmers that has multiple zones across it. The Midwest can be a true joy to grow in if you are running the right cannabis genetics outside to start with.

I should have a few packs of these U-iOS on hand at our PSGX.WORLD booth at CanniFest Humboldt on September 9th and 10th.

Please check out @G.O.A.T_GENETICS on IG

Photo Credit: Kevin Blomberg G.O.A.T GENETICS 

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