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Strain Review: Strawberry Milk & Qookies Remix from Night Owl Seeds

Strain Review: Strawberry Milk & Qookies Remix from Night Owl Seeds


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Strain Name: Strawberry Milk & Qookies Remix

Breeder: Night Owl Seeds

Height: 4ft

Weight: 6oz

Flowering Time In Days: 82 from seed

Sativa / Indica: 65% Sativa / 35% Indica

Taste(BURNED/UNBURNED): When smoked it tastes like gassy creamy OG, when grown it smells like a thick gas/funk that almost plugs your nose with some bright berries on the backend.

Scent: Gas, Cream, Funk, Berries

Dried Bud / Crumbled Bud: Dense round buds covered in resin. Will fill your grinder with kief when ground up for joints.

Speed Of High Onset: Immediate

Duration of high: This one hits you fast and sticks around. Great for a day out hiking or indoors being creative. Only experienced smokers should indulge more than the average amount or you may find yourself comatose.

Quality of high: 10/10, you’ll be coming back until the jar is empty.

Medicinal Qualities: Appetite, Insomnia, Anxiety

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Strawberry Milk & Qookies Remix, a creation of Night Owl Seeds, is a tantalizing blend of Bruce Banner #3 Auto and Milk And Qookies. Born from the same seed stock as the original SM&Q but with a twist in parentage, this strain promises a unique and exhilarating experience. Here’s how the the breeder, Daz, described the parents.

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“The Bruce Banner used for this cross was a a beast! Larger than usual, unreal strawberry OG terps, sturdy branching, carpets of resin from stems to fan leaves, stellar bag appeal, and as close to a perfect bud to leaf ratio as you could hope for. Trimming and deseeding these buds was a joy. The Milk and Qookies reversal was the same one used to make the Microverse Morsels V2. She selected from 12 and seemed like a perfect for her excellent vigor and branching, greasy trichomes, lingering creamy Cookie funk, and fast, heavy sativa dominant flowers.”

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Growing this plant in my tent yielded disco ball nugs, shimmering with trichomes and bursting with terps. Aromas of gas, creaminess, and ripe strawberries wafted effortlessly from the plant, enticing the senses with every whiff. She was relatively easy to grow and didn’t require any special treatment outside of my normal regiment. Without training she produced a dominant main cola with a candelabra structure adorning her satellite branches. In all, about 8 “top” nugs were produced and she got to an average height at 4 feet. With some low stress training, her true weight potential could surely be unlocked.

On the macro level this one is looking like it’ll also be excellent for extraction. Considering both it’s long thin stalks and bulbous trichome heads, and also adding the dense trichome coverage the flowers produce, it’s no surprise that people regularly report high returns when washing this one.

With its irresistible aroma, stunning appearance, and suitability for extraction, Strawberry Milk & Qookies Remix is a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a truly unforgettable experience.

All photos credit: Lostcoastautos

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