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Strain Review: Punch Pie Royal Queen Seeds X Tyson20

Strain Review: Punch Pie Royal Queen Seeds X Tyson20

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What do you get when you combine two greats? A champion, of course. Introducing Punch Pie—an exclusive strain born out of Royal Queen Seeds’ collaboration with Tyson 2.0. Inspired by Mike Tyson’s passion for great cannabis, Punch Pie preserves the genetics of Tyson 2.0’s original Cherry Punch Pie, making for a heavy-handed indica that’ll leave you glued to the mat after a single hit. Whether you are recovering after training or winding down after a long day at the office, Punch Pie by RQS x Tyson 2.0 is sure to deliver the relaxing buzz you deserve.

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Boasting 90% indica-dominant genetics inherited from Purple Punch and Purple Kush, Punch Pie is hardy, stocky, and capable of delivering jacked buds after a relatively short flowering time. Pop these seeds indoors and you’ll soon be growing brawny specimens that reach max heights of 80–110cm and can be harvest-ready after 9 weeks in bloom. Outdoors, Punch Pie may grow a little taller, reaching heights of 120–150cm and maturing by late September.

Come harvest time, Punch Pie by RQS x Tyson 2.0 will reward you with beefy buds boasting tight stacks of bulging calyxes and a glistening coat of resin. Depending on the conditions in your room or garden, Punch Pie buds can develop stunning purple/pink highlights, only adding to the strain’s natural beauty. When taste-testing Punch Pie, you’ll be greeted by sweet notes of caramelized blueberries and earthy pastry that intensify as you inhale her sweet smoke. Immediately after, enjoy a one-two punch right between the eyes that’ll elevate your mood and knock you into a happy, hungry, and sleepy daze. Find this champion indica inspired by the GOAT at Royal Queen Seeds today.

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• Height: 80–110cm indoors; 120–150cm outdoors
• Yield: 550–600g/m² indoors; 650–750g/plant outdoors
• Flowering time: 50–65 days; late-September harvest outdoors
• Genetic split: 90% indica/10% sativa
• Taste: Caramelised berries, cherries, pastry, Kush
• Aroma: Berries, earthy pie dough, sugar
• Looks: Dense indica nuggets with stacked calyxes, frosty resin, pink-purple hues, and light orange pistils
• Speed of high onset: Very fast
• Duration of high: Several hours
• Type of high: Uplifting cerebral buzz coupled with full-body relaxation
• Therapeutic qualities: Pain, inflammation, sleep issues, appetite loss, stress, depression, anxiety

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