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Strain Report: Westports Grape Juice

Strain Report: Westports Grape Juice


Westports Grape Juice is an aromatic and trichome-capped strain from Twin Peaks Cannabis in the PNW. Using a common vegetative duration of 30 days, this plant grows to a medium height indoors. She is an excellent producer, with average yields of around 250-300 grams of dried flower. Flowering finished within 55-60 days after flipping the Westports Grape Juice into flower. Although the origins remain a trade secret, we can confidentially guesstimate the genetic influence as 80% indica/20% sativa.

Photo Credit: Chad Wesport

Westports Grape Juice is a compact plant with strong limbs and performs well under many of the common plant training techniques. Vibrant green, wide-fingered leaves reach out from each of the tightly stacked nodes, but the plant itself requires only minimal defoliation. The terpene profile develops early in flower and is reminiscent of a cotton-candy grape aroma. The flowers and surrounding leaves begin to turn purple later in flower, which is when the aromatic properties also begin to mature. Westports Grape Juice exhibits many desired qualities working in tandem to take consumers on a blissful wave of relaxation. Bud density, trichome coverage, bag appeal, and profile are all positive attributes people enjoy.

As a grower, the short flowering time, solid yields, and high calyx-to-leaf ratio make it a desirable option for the garden space. Concentrate producers will enjoy gazing at the sheath of trichomes enveloping each swollen flower. The flavor profile of Westports Grape Juice begins with a smooth, creamy inhale before it transforms itself on the exhale. The back end of the hit is where this strain earns its reputation. Consumers can expect a matured, earthy grape essence that coats the palate and lingers on the taste buds. On a dry hit, both the creaminess and grape flavors rise to the top.

Photo Credit: Chad Westport

Westports Grape Juice exhibits a similar terpene profile, although the grape is more pronounced in the jar. The odor wafting from the dried flowers is smooth and rounded. There are no sharp corners to disrupt the oncoming wave of relaxation. The onset of the effects is immediate. As the smoke rolls away from the lips, sensors all over the body feel a warm and comforting sensation. The mind remains clear, but Westports Grape Juice is great for slowing down those rushing thoughts. As you enjoy your next hit, worries begin to melt away, and the couch seems a little squishier. It’s common to unwind the day and enjoy your favorite show while consuming Westports Grape Juice. These effects comfortably remain for a solid few hours before gently ramping down. Westport’s Grape Juice is primarily reported as an “evening” strain which denotes the potential benefits it offers with muscle pain, relaxation, sleep, and a general calming of the mind.

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