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Strain Report: Tropicana Cherry

Strain Report: Tropicana Cherry

cannabis world news promos strain reports Tropicana Cherry plant growing outside

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Strain Name: Tropicana Cherry

Breeder: Relentless Genetics

Height: Medium Stature

Weight (yield): Heavy Yielder

Flowering time in days: Early flower onset with 65-day finish. Super colorful and terped out

Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: 60% Sativa/ 40% Indica

Taste (burned and unburned): Burned: Dark Roast Cherry Coffee, Unburned: Milked up Fruit Loops

Scent (burned/unburned): Burned: Essence of Incense, Unburned: Fruit Loops cereal

What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: Dark purple with frosty trichomes and dense

Speed of high onset: Smooth transitional high

Duration of high: Strong and long-lasting high

Quality/type of high: Groovin’ and movin’

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Medicinal qualities: Welcome to relaxation station where your body will melt and regenerate. Be sure to stay hydrated

cannabis world news promos strain reports Tropicana Cherry bud

After acquiring the clones, we vegged them for about two weeks before flowering for sixty-five days. The bud holds its purple color and doesn’t turn after curing. Imagine being at a modern-day Willy Wonka factory, going up and down the aisles in search of the tastiest candy. At last, you’ve come to a stop where you’re staring at a crazy-looking lollipop. It’s a purple Rock Candy lollipop. That is what Trop Cherry reminds us of. The trichomes are crystalized, and the bud is extra sticky.

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Photos Credit: Noel Catherine

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