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Strain Report: Sour Cheese Berry

Strain Report: Sour Cheese Berry

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Sour Cheese Berry comes out of my own personal stable, a clone-only variety that was bred in 2013 by myself from much older clones. It is a sour diesel cross taken to UK Cheese and Trainwreck Blueberry, a mix of classic cannabis varieties that bring together a unique terpene and flavor profile with a high that is unlike most varieties currently available on the market! There are not too many plants that have been kept as long as I have this lady.

It’s a staple in my garden mostly because of the high cannabinoid levels and terpene profile she expresses. Dominant terpenes are Delta-3-Carene, ocimeme, humulene, and camphene. Delta-3 carene is a terpene known for its mentally stimulating and euphoric effect, with a sweet, pungent odor of earth musk and pine.

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Ocimene is similar to Delta-3-Carene in that it is known to be mentally stimulating and energizing, with a heavy floral, musky, and woody scent.

Humulene is known to be spicy pepper, herbaceous, and subtly floral, adding a relaxing experience and helping decrease inflammation and pain.

Camphene is another very pungent terpene that has notes of citronella, camphor, and fir, which are found abundant in Sour Cheese Berry. Its effects are relaxing and slightly sensitive, with a THC content ranging between 25 to 29%.

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With a terpene percentage between 3.5 and 4.8, this variety is sure to bring soaring highs with unexpected effects. It is highly mentally stimulating but also has a calming body high that leaves you feeling stoned, ready, and relaxed.

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When you smell the dried flower, she, like her name, has notes of pungent, sour, musky cheese and a sweet floral berry scent. Sour d x UK Cheese x Trainwreck Blueberry is a hybrid with a flowering time of 60-65 days and medium to high yield.

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Photo Credit: Mark woods @liftedmacro

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