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Strain Report: Mac Cake

Strain Report: Mac Cake

Mac Cake (Mac6 x Cookie F2) 9 weeks

Epic combination! Combining the extreme trichome production of the MAC with the compact, perfect Cookie F2 flower, you get the best of both worlds. This starts with an ice cream flavor and finishes with gas! Great yields indoors and out. 3 Lbs outdoors per plant, 2.5 Lbs indoors under 750watt LED; this came out of the 2021 Phenohunts. This pheno was chosen for the heavy Cake flavor and also tested at 36% Total Cannabinoids!

Botrytis and powdery mildew resistant; a true dream for the farmer. This heavy-hitting Indica will lay you out with a heavy stone! One hit will put you in a blissful joyous state! Smoke too much, and your mind and body will go into a state of complete tranquility. Great flowers for celebrating the holidays and sharing with people that you love!

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