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Strain Report: G13 Labs Seeds Banana Latte

Strain Report: G13 Labs Seeds Banana Latte

cannabis world news strain reports Bannana Latte cannabis plant

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Breeder: G13 Labs

Genetics: (Gelato 33 x Cookies) x (Banana OG x Purple Punch)

Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

Yield: 500 – 600 P.S.M

Flowering Time: 7 – 8 Weeks

Flavor: Sweet, Creamy, Banana, Candy

Effect: Physically and Mentally Relaxing

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A delightful blend of Gelato 33 x Cookies and Banana OG x Purple Punch.
She is very appealing, resinous, potent, and full of flavor. Banana Latte matures in only 7-8 weeks, turning into an impressive plant with unique structures and very dense resin-covered buds.

As expected from her name – the flavors are creamy and sweet, with notes of banana and candies. It is not only one of the most enjoyable smoking experiences you can have but also very powerful; one flavorful puff will take you to a blissful state that will last for hours.
In terms of cultivation, the plants from Banana Latte seeds need only around 7 – 8 weeks to mature, which is quite impressive for a photoperiod strain. After this period, you can expect beautiful plants with unique structures and lots of extremely dense buds with high resin content, making it a favorite among extractors. Furthermore, growing Banana Latte is an easy process. She is resistant to extreme and harsh growing conditions. Therefore, she’s an excellent strain for novices looking to start their journey in cultivating cannabis. No doubt, every grower will achieve spectacular results with minimum effort.

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Photos Credit: G13 Labs Seeds

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