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Strain Report: Frootz

Strain Report: Frootz


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Strain: Frootz

Breeder: Grounded Genetics

Height: Medium.

Yield: Medium-High.

Flowering time in days: 60-63.

Sativa/Indica: Broad leaf varietal.

Taste: Expect terpene profiles boasting a blend of soapy, fruity, candied notes which translate perfectly to taste when smoked.

What the dried bud looks like: Light green dense boulders with colorful hues within the calyxes ranging from pinks to deep purples.

Speed of high onset: Rapid.

Duration of high: Medium to long.

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Quality/type of high: Body.

Medicinal qualities: Improved appetite, reduced anxiety, anti-nausea properties, general pain relief.

Photo Credit: Grounded Genetics

Frootz is the resulting progeny of the cross between Runtz (reversed pollen donor) and Lumpy´s breeder cut of Apple Fritter (Female receptor). This exotic blend of two elite Californian cultivars has proven to not only be a great hash plant with its higher-than-average levels of sandy resin gland production but also an enjoyable flower to consume, given how accurately aromas translate to taste when smoked. Bag appeal is also impressive among the array of phenotypes, with plants developing colorful hues ranging from pinks to deep indigo within the calyxes in late flower. Overall, she’s a stable and easy-to-grow variety, and most phenotypes stack very well, resulting in hefty yields of dense, chunked-out boulders. Expect an average stretch of around 2x and an optimum harvest window of between 8.5 and 9 weeks, depending on personal preferences. The sandy-to-the-touch glandular trichomes separate from the plant with ease, making this varietal well-suited to whole-plant fresh-frozen solventless extraction.

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