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Strain Report: FiFi

Strain Report: FiFi

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Strain Name: FiFi

Breeder: Black Sheep Genetics

Height: 3-20ft

Weight (yield): High

Flowering time in days: 60

Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: Indica-dominant hybrid (65% indica and 35% sativa)

Taste (burned and unburned): Sweet and citrusy in flavor and tangy in aroma

Scent (burned/unburned): A combination of pungent, skunk, and tar aromas that give it a classic “skunky” flavor profile. Skunky and earthy with underlying notes of citrus and spice.

What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: Purple and Pink melted on top of Neon Green. A salad mix of pink and purple with a pile of twinkling crystals buried underneath the treasure.

Speed of high onset: Fast

Duration of high: Get ready to hit cruise control and ride; you’re going on a trip

Quality/type of high: Skunk #1 also provides deep-body relaxation. The head high is energetic and creative, while the body high is peaceful and soothing.

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I chose to show the stud we selected; far too many times, males go overlooked and are a sight unseen. Purple and red, his crab claws are covered with glistening trichome barnacles. He is a true marvel of the expression that this sacred plant is capable of. So, as the story goes, FiFi showed up in my patch two years ago. I had a hunch that a skunk had sprayed my patch. Come to find out. It was one of the danky, stanky ladies. My nose had led me straight to the source. We came to name her Pepé Lew Pew (Rain Bird x NL5) a jump-out skunk phenotype. Moreover, this year, we evolved the cross and tossed Jelly Roll into the mix to create a one-of-a-kind skunksation.

Out of the shell, FiFi was quite a sight to see. Behold, her fur is a mix of purple and white instead of the traditional green skunk you’re used to seeing. Our stud mixed in the purple hue of the Rain Bird and the pink pistils of the Jelly Roll to create a stunning combination.

We hunted over 100 seedlings, and he was the skunkiest standout I decided to select. With a stroke of luck and the help of the sun, moon, and stars, he graced our flock.

FiFi is my gift for the people to bring back the lost skunk genetics many seek. After two years of hard work, we finally created a skunk strain that is ready to take back its rightful place & make its mark on the world. Get ready to see a lot more FiFi crosses. We’re working together with other farmers, bringing skunky funk back—black sheep out.

Follow on Instagram: @blacksheepgenetics

Photos credit: Black Sheep Genetics

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