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Strain Report: Bath Bomb Boogie

Strain Report: Bath Bomb Boogie

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Strain Name: Bath Bomb Boogie
Height: Medium minimal stretch
Weight (yield): This be for the Wash Heads
Flowering time in days: 60-70
Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio:  New Age Exotica hybrid
Taste (burned and unburned): Berry, sour
Scent (burned/unburned): Mid 2000s Purp/DMT smell
What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: Light to dark green tan hair pink & purple
Speed of high onset: Speedball/head blaster changer
Duration of high: Grateful extended
Quality/type of high: Sharp clear focused/narcotic
Medicinal qualities: Appetite stimulation, pain relief, get ya high high, hash tastic

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Bath Bomb Boogie is the F1 crossing of Raspberry Boogie X Blood Bath from the PSGX.WORLD Murder, She Wrote fem photo line reversal of Blood Bath.

Raspberry Boogie S¹ was a pack I hunted that Rick from Mosca Seeds who is a really nice guy traded me for in 2022 at OKC CannaCon. We traded a pack of my Sexy Salsa fem for a pack of his Boogie S¹.

So yeah, the truth is, I hunted the Boogie pack with cameras on my phone & a Glock 19 under my pillow in a trash-filled trap spot in Marquette Heights, Illinois basement full of tweakers running in & out of Versace’s old spot. I made 2 stable Boogie S¹ selections then crossed them both together to make a plant we called A. Better Boogie. An extreme old-school purple smoke that was a beautiful sponge-like flower and yet not so super sticky to work with. We have maintained the cut to this day in Illinois & Lake Tahoe.

cannabis world news strain reports crystal laden cannabis leaf in hand

The Blood Bath [Bubble Bath X Red Velvet] was a selection we made from 80 LIT FARMS females from seed. To say we found a nice plant would be an understatement.

Bubble Bath on its own is a LIT strain I have loved for years living in Lake Tahoe here, and it just won an Emerald Cup, too, so shout out to Chameleon Craft. Red Velvet is a cutting-edge cinnamon-flavored pack bud monster strain bred by my good friend Mark from Grandiflora, Oakland stand up, baby!!! Shout out to Prada Pimpin too!!! And Cameron over at, them guys are true friends.

So, I knew by the lineage that the Blood Bath cross would produce a stellar plant if the time was put in hunted correctly. Well, this dog will hunt and now the Blood Bath cut we hold and that was used to create the Murder She Wrote line is known as “The Murder Cut.”

hand in blue latex glove covered with brown cannabis resin

Bath Bomb Boogie is a PSGX pure pinkish purple hash lovers’ elegant dream plant. Time traveling terps MEETS new age exotica structure!!! These plants look like your favorite plants from the past, all in one and all on steroids in the new age happy to DMT see you.

Bling bling fat nuggets of sour Berry fruit skunk slight mint mid-2000s flavor resin coated SUPER glove changers. High-definition resin production hence the name Bath Bomb Boogie; she likes to wash, and she loves to make ya do the Bath Bomb Boogie money dance. Run this strain and you will thank us for the consistency as we strive to bring you top-level evolving cannabis genetics well hunted & correctly bred.

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As a Breeder, I feel it is our duty to help the plant evolve for the generations ahead—all glory to the plant & the pantheon of hash gods/goddesses above.

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Photos credit: Mike Taitt Da Root God Southern Illinois


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