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New Release from KOS: Dark Forrest

New Release from KOS: Dark Forrest

Dark Forrest Beans

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Hey now! A very cool new release over at Kingdom Organic Seeds is called Dark Forrest. The first thing I think you should know about this hybrid is that she flowers a bit longer than your average cannabis plant. About 12 weeks total flowering time. While this may not seem like any big deal, if you grow indoors and your experience lies with 8-to-10-week flowering plants, it might be a bigger deal than you think.

The Dark Forrest is a full spectrum daywrecker to be sure—by daywrecker, I more accurately mean day changer and change it will. When done correctly, this one will deliver a sublime delight, body, and soul, as it were, heh heh. A lot of body, and a lot of head, and peeps that are prone to get paranoid on some cannabis varieties should tread carefully here. This is definitely one of those intense types; think along the lines of real deal White Widow here.

The Dark Forrest Fast Deets

VARIETY NAME: Dark Forrest 3-Way F1 Hybrid

AVAILABILITY: Kingdom Organic Seeds (KOS)


SIZE: Stretches 2x

WEIGHT/YIELD: Excellent Yields, Dense Large Colas

FLOWERING TIME: 80 to 85 Days

SATIVA/INDICA RATIO: Just About 50/50 Sativa/Indica

LINEAGE: Deep Chunk (m) X Black Forrest

FLAVORS/SMELLS: Sharp Acrid Cat Pissy, Haze/Fuel, Honey Oil, and Nag Champa Incense

BAG APPEAL: Extremely Exotic

ONSET TIME: Creeper 10-20 Minutes



The Rundown—Hierarchy Etc.

Male Breeder(s) Deets: 3 superior males of Deep Chunk were the paternal P1s in this cross. I chose three very aggressive males that were very hearty with large floral formations, and all had excellent resin potential properties regarding both terpenes and raw resin production. One large purple male, one medium green male, and a crazy vigorous huge green male were all used.

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Paternal Dark Forrest Breeder

Female Breeder Deets: 1 selected beautiful Black Forrest individual female (see below) as the maternal P1 in this cross.  This female leans so heavily towards the Vietnam Black that she is almost indistinguishable from the original Vietnamese line. Her flowering time was every bit of 16 weeks. Huge resin production with very gooey, large, and dense flowers. Almost psychoactive potency, crazy intense.

BLACK FORREST (maternal P1) Quick Info

Back Forrest at 9 weeks Indoors
Back Forrest at 9 weeks Indoors

The Black Forrest hybrid is an F1 cross between a Vietnam Black (landrace female) and a Cherry Bomb (F3 male). The Cherry Bomb was out of Hawaii and was a cross between 3 killer Hawaiian sativa dominant strains and a Cherry AK47. I made this original Black Forrest cross about two decades ago. Look for KOS’ release of Black Forrest F2s in the very near future.

Dark Forrest Growing Information

She’s a beast—full stop! She will prefer higher temperatures, and she will need a lot of water. Her stretch should be managed by the Deep Chunk, but she’ll still have the capability to get huge if she’s totally happy. You will want to use slightly larger containers to flower her in to make sure she makes it all good through her last two weeks of flowering. The last two weeks of flowering are where everything can go to hell, leaving you with good cannabis rather than epic cannabis.

Watch your pH from getting too low, and speaking generally, the Dark Forrest won’t like global pH changes to her container soil, so you want to use any liquid nutrients very sparingly, if at all. Just use a lighter touch, generally speaking. She will be crazy adaptable, tough, hearty, and resistant to most things, except severe cold, or sudden (global) lower pH ranges.

If you pull this one off, you will never forget it. This is the kind of weeds that you remember forever. She will clone easily, and she isn’t especially sensitive to light poisoning. As long as you fix the light issue, she will go back to normal in about two weeks. Just an outstanding array of intense cannabis genetics here.


I hope you dug on today’s article about the Dark Forrest release. Another new release to hit the streets lately, also over at KOS is called Poison Chunk. And Deep Chunk is also back in stock. Check out another killer I personally love-love-love, the Chunky Cherry Thai. Grab a copy of my TLO 2nd Edition book regarding all-natural container growing and soil recycling. L8r G8rs…

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