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YoTips: Innovative Smoking Accessories & Community Empowerment

YoTips: Innovative Smoking Accessories & Community Empowerment

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In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, YoTips emerges not just as a provider of innovative smoking accessories but as a beacon of hope and empowerment for individuals with spinal cord injuries (SCI). This venture, co-founded by Jesse and his brother Elliott, represents resilience, innovation, and the profound impact of mission-driven entrepreneurship. YoTips’ inception during the COVID-19 pandemic was spurred by both necessity and compassion, recognizing first-hand the employment challenges faced by individuals with SCI. The difficulty of sustaining traditional 9-to-5 jobs for those in wheelchairs led to the creation of job opportunities offering flexibility, inclusivity, and a meaningful way to engage with the community. This initiative aims to foster a sustainable livelihood for those within the SCI and disease (D) community, transcending the mere selling of smoking accessories.

cannabis world news product reviews promos Jes co-founder of yoTips in wheelchair with puppy in hand
Jessie, co-owner of YoTips

The path to creating YoTips’ universal-fit mouthpiece involved rigorous research and development, including the creation of five prototypes and the testing of hundreds and hundreds of joints to perfect the design. This process resulted in an innovation that enhances the smoking experience while addressing hygiene concerns in communal smoking scenarios—a need underscored by the pandemic. The positive market response to YoTips highlights a growing appreciation for products that not only improve the smoking experience but also consider health and safety concerns.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of YoTips, with sustainably farmed Birch Wood and 100% organic hemp sourced for their products. Birch trees, being the second fastest-growing species, offer a sustainable resource that doesn’t compromise on quality or durability.

cannabis world news product reviews promos woman (Julie from SKUNK) smoking joint
SKUNK Magazine’s Julie Chiariello using YoTips

Looking ahead, YoTips plans to revolutionize the smoking accessory market with a fully integrated tip and mouthpiece system, including wooden tips for pre-rolled joints and hasholes. This ambition underscores YoTips’ commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and continually enhancing the consumer smoking experience.

Beyond its innovative product line, YoProducts’ engagement with the SCI community is profound and personal. Distributing products to those who find therapeutic aid in cannabis, YoProducts supports the well-being of individuals within the community, fostering a sense of belonging and support. The company’s aim to offer more positions to members of the SCI & D community as it grows highlights its commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

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The journey of YoProducts mirrors essential life lessons, including the importance of patience, discipline, and the readiness to pivot in response to life’s and the market’s demands. For aspiring entrepreneurs in the cannabis accessory market, immersing oneself in the industry and anchoring the venture in passion is critical. Jesse’s personal journey with SCI has significantly shaped YoProducts’ mission and approach, emphasizing that personal challenges should not deter one from entrepreneurship. His advice highlights an ethos of equality and resilience, underscoring that while a compelling story and innovation may capture attention, it’s the product and mission that forge a lasting impact.

YoTips stands out not merely for its products but for its unwavering dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with spinal cord injuries. Through its commitment to sustainability, community support, and a mission-driven approach, YoTips transcends the conventional, embodying a movement towards a more inclusive and compassionate industry.

Photos courtesy of YoTips

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