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Rockin’ Around The Rosin Tree: A Round-Up of 2022’s Top Terps

Rockin’ Around The Rosin Tree: A Round-Up of 2022’s Top Terps

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Reflecting on the last year of globs had me feeling a little festive – after all, I’ve found the best way to deck the halls is with lots and lots of hash. So, to close out this holiday season, I’m rockin’ around the rosin tree and rounding up my favorite flavor profiles of 2022. Without further ado, here are the jars that made me joyous this year…

Dammit Bobby: Oishii #7
((Malibu Pure Kush x Moonbow 75) x Moonbow 112)
Bred by Archive Seed Bank

Oishii translates to “delicious” in Japanese, and this was truly one of the most delicious, unique terps I had the pleasure of trying in 2022. Dammit Bobby took second place in the Expert Judges category and first place in People’s Choice of This Smoking Jacket with this cut bred by Archive Seed Bank out of Oregon. No wonder why it was such a crowd favorite — it’s got those classic candy and gas terps we’ve all come to know and love from the double Moonbow cross, with a surprising burst of woody pine and fresh citrus peel on the backend from the Malibu Pure Kush. The only way I can describe it? Taking a bite of bark off a tree in Candyland.

IYKYK Solventless: Ego Checker
(Do-Si-Dos x Kush Mints)
Bred by: Seed Junky

IYKYK Solventless out of Denver, Colorado is known around town for using single-source starting material of only the highest quality, and he absolutely knocked this one out of the park. In flower form, Ego Checker never fails to give me the giggles. This rosin had me absolutely couch-locked, though, switching things up with a super sedating and stony high. Ego Checker looks like she’s wearing a diamond fur coat during flower, stacked all the way up the vine with super swollen trichome heads. Those frosty flavor bombs certainly made their way into this jar that smacks you in the face with a sweet yet spicy blend of refreshing mint terps and sugar cookies.

The Real Cannabis Chris: Strawberry 2.1
(OGKB 2.1 x Strawberry Guava)
Bred by Bloom Seed Company & __harrrypalms___

The Real Cannabis Chris out of California has had a knockout competition season with notable wins at Ego Clash and This Smoking Jacket this year, but Strawberry 2.1 stole the show for me personally. Thanks to its Girl Scout Cookies ancestry, the OGKB brings an earthy and herbal aroma to the table with nutty, vanilla undertones reminiscent of fresh-baked cookies. When combined with those tart guava and ripe berry terps, the result is a wonderfully well-rounded flavor profile that still shines strawberry on the exhale – and I’ve always been a sucker for a strawberry terp.

TerpWizard: Blueberry Watermelon Melonbred
(Blueberry Watermelon x Melonbred #4)
Bred by: KushKirk

On TerpWizard’s regenerative-focused Michigan farm, everything for hash is grown from seed. This cross was bred by KuskKirk, a fellow member of the Dragonfly Earth Medicine family, and brings a blast of blueberry terps with undertones of gas. It’s super fruity and a little funky, like fresh fermented blueberry jam from the farmer’s market. TerpWizard sure showed out for the east coast with this one and is also my pick for the top jar of 2022. I just love that heady little wizard; plus, each label is wax-sealed, and every strain and pheno varietal gets its own colorway that is mixed and applied by hand.

PNW Roots: Pink Lemonade
Mystery genetic & breeder

Living in Seattle, there’s just no way I could make this list without including PNW Roots – local legends using a mix of regenerative agricultural methods on their whimsical farm in Tahuya, Washington. Staying on the whimsical theme, this Pink Lemonade is a mystery genetic from an unknown breeder. Cracking the jar smells like pulling up to the sidewalk lemonade stand a child, with notes of fresh lemon peel, juicy pulp, and overly ripe berries on the exhale. Pro tip: if you’re a fan of melt and ever see a jar of this Pink Lemonade strain in six-star on the shelf,​​

Dablogic: Hazelnut Cream
(Miami Haze x Cookies & Cream)
Bred by Exotic Genetix

My favorite dab of the day is always that very first glob with my coffee, and this Hazelnut Cream by Colorado classic Dablogic was made for the wake-and-bake. It pairs perfectly with a hot latte and hits the nose with a warm aroma of buttery, toasty hazelnuts and fatty, frothy milk. The 90u is more dominant on the Cookies & Cream with a sweeter scent and flavor profile, while the 120u is more herbaceous with a funky nuttiness like parmesan cheese. I usually save this one for a lazy Sunday morning sesh — she produces a thick, creamy smoke that has me floating through my morning with a mellowed-out head high.

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Kured Extracts: Guava n’ Creme
(Guava’z x Grape Cream Cake)
Bred by Bloom Seed Company

Kured Extracts out of Southern California produces single-source rosin grown in living soil, and this Guava n’ Creme was absolutely out of this world (like their heady lil’ astronaut man logo). Guava’z is a rumored cross of Guava x OZ Melon, and combined with Grape Cream Cake, this one checked all my boxes. The tartness from the Guava and OZ Melon comes together to create a bubblegum terp, balanced by the fruity, doughy characteristics of Grape Pie and sweetness of Ice Cream Cake, then rounded out with gas from the Wedding Crasher. Taking a few rips was like sipping on a creamy guavas-and-grapes milkshake.

Lazercat: Death Coast
(Death Star x East Coast Sour Diesel)
Bred by Pipsweed

Lazercat is a local Colorado favorite, and I always have a jar of Death Coast in my stash when I’m in Denver. In fact, she’s one of the few strains I find myself picking up again and again. The double diesel terps from the Death Star (Sensi Star x Sour Diesel) and East Coast Sour Diesel are pungent and skunky, with a super sour aftertaste I just can’t get enough. That initial gas combines with an unmistakable tang of lemon that lingers on the tongue, reminding me of the fizz when you crack a fresh can of sprite.

PDX Pressin: Illmatic
(StrawGuava x Purple Punch x Do-Si-Do)
Bred by KushKirk

Man did PDX Pressin out of Oregon bring the pressure with this Illmatic! I get grape candy and blueberry muffins from the StrawGuava and Purple Punch, mixing with that classic sweet cookie Dosi terp. Opening the jar was straight up like sticking my nose in a box of Fruity Pebbles, and that smell absolutely carried through the complete flavor profile. On the exhale, a glob tasted like the last few spoonfuls of sugary cereal milk – fruity, sugary, creamy, and downright delicious.

Well, there you have it! It was certainly a tasty, terp-filled year, and I can’t wait for all the fire flavors 2023 has in store for me. Cheers to cracking fresh jars in January…

Article by Katherine Wolf. Katherine is a cannabis writer, branding specialist, and the Chief Marketing & Operations Officer of Malek’s Premium Cannabis, a small-batch Colorado cultivator focused on flavor-first genetics.

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