Valorie McMahon

Valorie Hope McMahon, California native, has been immersed in cannabis, music, art, and entertainment throughout her life, having grown up in the cannabis culture of Trinity County. Her diverse background includes experience in modeling, working for record labels, hosting FM radio and Web Shows focused on the health promoting benefits of cannabis as well as serving as a personal assistant to Dr Robert Melamede of The Cannabis Science and Phoenix Tears foundation. Having personally experienced the healing benefits of cannabis in her own battle with cancer, Valorie has spent the last decade dedicating her life to educating and connecting individuals in various capacities, from caregivers to serving as a liaison. She is wholeheartedly devoted to the plant, the planet and the people they serve, while also being an avid enthusiast of art in all its forms, particularly finding passion in writing and the magical art of borosilicate glass blowing. Simply put she has a profound appreciate for the herb and art in any form.

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